Flower of the Week: Cymbidium Orchid

Flower of the Week: Cymbidium Orchids 

While at the flower shop today, I decided to go and take a look at the flowers we had gotten in for the weddings this week. My breath was taken away as I opened the box of Cymbidium Orchids. They were still wrapped up and laying on cotton…which just made them look all the more delicate. Even though I am around all sorts of beautiful flowers everyday, I still get that feeling of amazement while looking at the new flowers we get in weekly. There is something great about orchids and I believe it is that they elude elegance. So I immediately took a picture of the orchids, which are a blush pink color with magenta and yellow on the inside. As you can see in the picture…they photograph beautifully. So for all of you who love orchaids as much as we do here at Town & country…I wanted to share some facts with you about this flower.


  • Cymbidium (pronounced sim-bid-ee-urn) ranks as one of the best known and widely popular of all orchids.
  • It is also known as a “boat orchid.”
  • The species Cymbidium is considered a delicacy in Bhutan where it is traditionally cooked in a spicy curry or stew and called “olatshe.”
  •  The fantastic range of colors  include white, green, yellowish-green, cream, yellow, brown, pink, and red [and orange] and black (and there may be markings of other color shades at the same time), but not blue.
  • The wild types are found growing naturally in China, and Japan through the Himalayas, South East Asia to Australia.
  • Makes a great houseplant.
  • One feature that makes the plant so popular is the fact that it can survive during cold temperatures.
  • It is the oldest cultivated orchid, and there is evidence that they were grown in China 2500 years ago in records from 500 BC at the time of Confucius.

Well there are some interesting facts about the Cymbidium Orchid that you may not have known before. I know I was surprised by some of the facts and can say myself that I will not be eating them in a stew anytime soon. I will however be looking forward to seeing them in the awesome arrangements here at Town & Country.

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