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Town & Country Gardens is proud to bring three generations of floral design expertise to your wedding or special occasion in Chicago or the surrounding areas.

No two brides are the same, just like no two flowers are the same. This is why we pour all our care & creativity into your big day. Our attention to detail gives you permission to pour a glass of something yummy, sit back and enjoy!

here’s what it’s like to work with us:

five steps to floral perfection:

(aka what it’s like to work with us)

Your wedding’s floral arrangements are custom-designed to your vision, the season, the venue ambiance, and your personal style.

Step One:

Your Complimentary Floral Consultation

It all begins with a complimentary private floral consultation where your ideas and inspirations are laid out for our expert floral design team.

For our out-of-state or super busy clients, these consultations can be via phone. However, in-person floral consults are preferred because Jamie likes to end these consults with a big hug and or a celebratory high-five / shout / “woohoo!”

Chicago Florist

Step Two:

Your Itemized
Price Proposal

Jamie Power, our lead event specialist, will then send you an itemized price proposal which includes a detailed explanation for each piece discussed.

We roll our eyes at hidden fees too. We’re upfront about any costs or delivery services. This ensures the best available product for your wedding’s season so everything can be orchestrated to absolute perfection.

Chicago Florist

Step Three:

Hold Your Date
(Not Your Breath)

When you’re ready to hold your date, you can send a 25% deposit payment via credit card or check.

Any follow-up ideas or questions are welcome! We know a lot can change between your engagement party and the dress rehearsal like color schemes, preferences, etc.)

Chicago Florist

Step Four:

Your Final
Floral Consult

30 days prior to your big day, we’ll meet for a final consultation to collect the remaining payment and make any additional changes or modifications to your floral designs.

Chicago Florist

Step Five:

Sit Back
And Enjoy!

Anton, owner of TC&G, is our lead floral designer. He’ll ensure your arrangements are made by excellent hands.

On your big day, our day-of floral coordination team will show up to your wedding venue early to ensure the final touches are adjusted to absolute perfection.

Chicago Florist

From the glitter of Chicago-land to it’s surrounding suburbs, we want your wedding to reflect everything you’ve ever dreamed.

Remember, we love to exceed every expectation, so if you can pin it, we can make it.

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